Agropur ingredients can help manufacturers solve any number of formulation challenges. Your goal could be cost reduction or it may be stronger health claims. Enjoy these concepts, which highlight Agropur’s innovation and the capabilities that our ingredients can bring to your product.

Toasted marshmallow latte

A growing body of research suggests that a healthy gut translates to overall health and wellbeing. Glycomacropeptide, or GMP, is a bioactive protein fraction that functions as a prebiotic and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.

BiPRO® GMP 9000 provides protein, can help manage inflammatory bowel disease and can also boost your immune system.

Cheesecake bites

High-quality ingredients from Agropur can help you reduce costs while still delivering an exceptional product to your customers. Our concept for cheesecake bites serves as an example.

Our egg-free cheesecake filling uses Bakigen® 1061 egg alternative. Bakigen is functionally designed to contribute to batter stability, texture and crumb strength. Better yet, Bakigen 1061 allows you to avoid the potential for high costs associated with fluctuations in the egg market.

Crino® deproteinized whey can reduce costs while providing benefits that include flavor enhancement and sodium reduction. Crino deproteinized whey produces better browning in bakery applications. It also reduced added sugar by half in our cheesecake crust.

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