Melisa Chavez

Found sweet opportunity at Agropur ice cream plant

Scott Robinson & Family

A dairy farmer driven by passion and family 

Shaun Tawzer

From Restaurant Owner to Agropur Area Department Manager

Steeve Ruimy 

Passionate about aviation and continuous improvement 

Maria Jovanovic

Living a life of gratitude and service to others.

Jamel Makanda 

The drive to continually improve.

Teri-Anne Greaves

Embracing every opportunity, both
professionally and socially.

Elvis Isaacs

…a Dedicated Pasteurizer and Pioneer.

Tim Carson

…dedicated to his plant from its very beginning.

Vincent Paquet

Getting involved in sustainable farms for animal welfare.

Dany Brown

...a happy night owl in his role at Agropur.

Samantha Forman

...enjoys teamwork and problem solving in intake position.

Stephinee Martinez

...leads by example at work and through giving.

Kanela Villanera on a mission for high-quality milk.

Heather Ernst

...shines in planning role.

Adolfo Velandia

Production Technician, Saint-Laurent Plant

Newlife Ly

found a great career in an unexpected place

René Bessette

a producer focused on the next generation...

Mykhaylo Mykhaylyuk

finds opportunity at Agropur